What is in your baby’s personal care products?

A Baby Product Safety Report


Parents want to provide the very best for their babies. Many would spend a lot of money to make sure that they have the safest products for their love ones. However, paying more for a product does not necessarily mean that they are safer. WGO is setting a higher safety standard and creating a ‘White List’ of baby personal care products that have passed biological analysis, chemical testing, and international ingredient standards (this white list is dynamic and will grow and change as we test more baby personal care products). Consumers can use this list to facilitate purchase decision.

The objectives of this 3-year project are to:

  • Raise public recognition to the potential health and safety threats through scientific product testing.
  • Equip consumers with the information and knowledge needed to recognize safe products for their body and the environment.
  • Encourage manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers to become more responsible and only produce products that meet biological, chemical, and international ingredient health standards by promoting public awareness and utilising consumer power.

WGO White List - Baby Lotion


WGO White List - Baby Cream, Baby Balm / Ointment


WGO White List - Baby Oil


WGO White List - Baby Wash


WGO White List - Prenatal Supplement


WGO White List - Anti-stretch Mark Oil


WGO White List - Children's Toothpaste


WGO White List - Baby Wipes


WGO White List - Hand Sanitizers


Existing Market Situation

Market Situation :

Over 87,000 Chemicals

Market Gap:

  • Existing regulations usually only test for 5 - 10 chemicals
  • Can not reflect mixture effect

To address the issue, samples are purchased from the major retail outlets for testing

Sampling Methodology

Samples collected from the 7 leading retailers including:

  • Wellcome
  • ParknShop
  • Mannings Baby
  • Watsons Baby
  • Eugene
  • City’ Super
  • Yata

Testing – Three Defence Methodology

Samples are sent to 3 internationally renowned laboratories for ingredient, chemical and biological checking tests- Three Defence Lines Approach.


Cross check with four databases

for over 1500 banned ingredients


Test to identify

  • Heavy metals
  • Methanol
  • Formaldehyde


Fish Embryo Toxicity Testing

Normal fish embryos

Fish embryos turns fluorescent when detecting some toxicants

Partners and Collaborators




Terms and Conditions

The testing result is based on the random samples and the reasonable tests according to Laboratory Testing Methodology and Criteria. The results are just for reference only and should not be considered as the medical advice and opinion. Medical Practitioner or Medical Professionals should be consulted before use of the testing results. DO NOT USE such information or advice for diagnosing or treating any medical or health condition. Please always consult your doctors, medical practitioner, medical professionals, or qualified healthcare providers before the use of the tested products. The information does not constitute an endorsement to specific products or brands in the white list conducted by World Green Organisation. Vitargent's verified label applies only to specific batch of tested products. We do not assume responsibility towards or accept liability to any other person for the content of this List.
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